Whether it is the name of your site, how often it should be updated, or the type of information that would be most appropriate on your website, we are happy to give advice before you embark, during the design and after the website has gone live. We can advise on the technologies and the type of service best suited to your circumstances, for example whether you wish to control the content, want it to feed from your social media/blog activity, or would rather a third party update it for you.



Simple things like the shade of a colour, the type face used, or the number of scrolling images can ruin or enhance a website. The look and feel of a site is key to it's success in underpinning your business or organisation. Rumpleteaser Design has over 30 years experience in the IT industry, and has built up a wealth of knowledge on websites so will be able to design an eye catching website that suits your business or organisation.



During the design phase, we will begin to develop the website. This way you will be able to look at the site and see the effect of various decisions such as colour, size and the whole user experience. Once the design has been agreed, we will develop the site, ensuring the underlying code is robust and meets industry standards and best practice.



As part of the development, we will test your website to ensure all links and pages work as planned, and it provides the user experience envisaged. We will also encourage you to test the site to ensure it meets your expectations.


Social media setup and integration

Social media is playing an ever increasing part in our everyday lives. We can set up social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, to compliment and interact with your website.


3rd Party Hosting

We do not host (make websites available on the internet) websites ourselves, but use a specialist third party web hosting company. Website hosting is very specialist area, with issues such as the using the most advanced servers and operating systems, security, backups and most of all, availability. Whist we have our favoured hosting company, we are happy to use a customer specified company.



We have automated processes that will continually monitor your website to ensure it is working as expected, and there are no '404 page could bot be found errors'. We will also check that it continues to work with new versions of internet software such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Facebook.

We can also agree a schedule for upgrading your site to ensure new internet features and facilities, and changes within your company, can be incorporated into your website.



Whilst you will have had hands-on experience during the design of the website, we will provide full training for members of staff who will be adding content to your website.

We will provide training materials including a bespoke and comprehensive User Guide.