I have designed and developed a range of websites over the years.

These are just some examples, that demonstrate the different types of screen design and functionality that I can offer. If you click on the image you will be taken to the actual website.


Northampton Advanced Motorists

This website was originally designed in 2012, but has been enhanced by taking the opportunity that improvements in web technology have offered.

The website uses the full width of the screen, automatically resizing on smaller devices such as ipads.

It is a multi-page site, containing one sub-menu and a contact form with verification code.

It contains hyperlinks to other sites, using boxes, words and shapes to hyperlink.


All the formatting is done electronically, enabling the site owner to concentrate on the content.

The website is fully optimised and appears near the top of Google and Bing searches.

The site uses cookies to collect usage data, that is how may people have visited the site, how many unique visits, and where they came from.

For the techies, the site has been designed using .php, .html, and css. There are a couple of Java scripts controlling the gallery pages.

The menus are responsive and work on all devices.

church 1

St. Margaret's Church, Alderton, Northamptonshire

Designed and developed in 2017, this website llll

There were some very specific requirements, including the colour coding of church services, and the management of church rotas.

The churchwarden of St. Margaret's Church is responsible for keeping the information current, and has the ability to add church services, create rotas, add people to rotas, add and change members of the Parochial Church council (PCC), and amend information on any of the pages.

All the formatting is done automatically.

church 2

There are some neat features, including the colour coding of the church service, based on the service liturgy.

The churchwarden has the ability to change the colour associated with the liturgy which then automatically updates the colours on the website.

The site is fully optimised for Google and Bing searches.

church 3

The site includes pages for events, courses and many other bespoke requirements.

The information is entered using bespoke packages written by RumpleTeaser design.

For the techies, the site runs on a Wordpress platform, uses .php and has a bespokem theme developed by us. There are a number if Java scripts, and a large number of bespoke packages developed specifically to deal with such things as adding in church services. The site does not use cookies.

If you think I could help you, please contact me using my contact form. I will be very happy to hear from you.